About us.

This project has been developed and tested at the
CRIBI Biotechnology Center , University of Padua

in the Bioinformatics and Genomics group led by Giorgio Valle.

Telatin A, Corteggiani Carpinelli E, Campagna D, Forcato F, Vituo N, Valle G.
"ScaMPI, a user-friendly suite for genome scaffolding and finishing" Paper submitted


Andrea Telatin
Davide Campagna
Elisa Corteggiani Carpinelli
Claudio Forcato
Nicola Vitulo
Giorgio Valle


The interface has been used by non-bioinformaticians during the N. gaditana genome project.
We are grateful to Tomas Morosinotto and his group and to Robin Targon, Annagiulia Bonizzato, Giulio Russo, Tea Kecman, Ilaria Stellin for their useful hints.

The CRIBI Center

An inter-departimental center for innovative biotechnologies. Focuses on projects with a relevant technological innovation part. Hosts the NGS sequencing service we collaborate with.

University of Padua

Established in 1222 is one of the oldest Universities in the World.
Currently ranks #1 in Italy for the Science Faculty.