DNA Sequencing


Our group specializes in DNA sequencing since 1993. At that times we joined the Yeast Genome consortium and later the Arabidopsis one. In 2003 we produced the first genome completely sequenced in Italy (Photobacterium profundum), and then joined the Grape Genome Consortium.

Our Sanger facility became an official spin-off of the University (BMR Genomics).

In 2008 we acquired the first NGS sequencer (SOLiD v2) that we used both for scaffolding projects, thanks to the robust Mate Paired libraries, and for RNA strand specific sequencing.

In 2012 we released the genome and transcriptional profiling of Nannochloropsis gaditana, another project completely carried on in our group.


We currently have a NextSeq500 (Illumina) and an Ion Proton (Thermo Fisher Scientific).

We provide a wide range of NGS services.