The Bioinformatic Unit, established 25 years ago, has a strong expertise in genome analysis, ranging from the assembly and scaffolding processes to genome annotation and annotation query systems.

Online resources

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The Genomes portal gives access to genomic data we maintain


We have a dedicated cluster for both computation analysis and data storage. A node with 2 Tb is used for assembly-related projects, while the blade system with 384 cores is intensively used for NGS data processing.

  • HP Blade System C7000, with 32 nodes with 12 cores each, and equipped with 24, 48 or 96 Gb of RAM memory (384 cores, 1.5 Tb RAM total).
  • HP DL980, with 64 cores (8 processors) and a total of 2 Tb of RAM.
  • 2x HP SL6500, with Tesla GPU (1792 GPU cores)
  • 2x Disk Array HP, accounting for a total of 160 Tb of disk space.

Schematic representation of the bioinformatics cluster