N. gaditana genome page

Nannochloropsis gaditanaThe Nannochloropsis gaditana genome project produced a high-quality genome draft, with chromosome scale scaffolds, and an interesting analysis of the transcriptome response to Nitrogen deprivation.

We release our data through a dedicated portal (http://www.nannochloropsis.org/) that features:

  • An FTP area to download both genome and annotation files
  • An online BLAST with links to genome browser
  • A Genome Browser with annotation and transcriptome tracks
  • A Query system to extract gene sets

We also added a blog that we’d like to keep up to date, to better serve the research community that is growing around Nannochloropsis.

About Andrea Telatin

Visiting bioinformatician in the Bioinformatics team, on-contract professor of "Introduction to Bash for bioinformatics". During his PhD he developed a novel scaffolding suite (ScaMPI), that has been used to assemble the genome of N. gaditana. Current research interests span from epigenomic data analysis, genome assembly and finishing, metagenomics.
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