Our research group deals with several aspects of genomics and bioinformatics, both with biological and technological interests.

Next Generation Sequencing

  • SOLiD and Ion Proton platforms
  • De novo genome sequencing
  • Human Genome (and Exome) resequencing
  • RNA-Seq, Bisulfite-Seq, ChIP-Seq

Bioinformatic algorithms and strategies

  • Sequence alignment algorithms for short reads and bisulfite sequencing (PASS)
  • Genome assembly and scaffolding (ScaMPI)
  • Complex query for large dataset data-mining (QueryOR)
  • Structural variations identifications, SNP calling

Functional genomics

  • Gene expression profiling via RNA-Seq
  • Muscle cells biology, epigenomics and expression profiling
  • Genome and transcriptome analysis of N. gaditana