Qubit fluorometer

Fluorometer for highly sensitive quantitation of DNA, RNA and proteins

The Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer is a benchtop fluorometer for the quantitation of DNA, RNA, and protein, using the highly sensitive and accurate fluorescence-based Qubit™ quantitation assays.

Use of the dyes selective for dsDNA, RNA, and protein minimizes the effects of contaminants in your sample that affect the quantitation. Further, the very latest illumination and detection technologies used in the Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer for attaining the highest sensitivity allow you to use as little as 1 μL of sample and still achieve high levels of accuracy, even with very dilute samples. The combination of Nanodrop and Qubit® is the best choice:  the Qubit Fluorometer can accurately measure low concentrations of sample and the Nanodrop spectrophotometer can measure contaminants.

Price:  85 euro for 50 analyses
            150 euro for 100 analyses
            including reagents

To request a quotation or place an order, please contact us at ngs@cribi.unipd.it.