Covaris Sonicator

Sonicator for mechanical shearing of DNA and RNA without GC bias or thermal damage.

This instrument is a very powerful, high-energy system to sonicate samples in a non-contact, isothermal process. It is designed to disrupt and homogenize biological tissue, extract biomolecules, and accelerate chemical dissolution. There are a variety of methods available to fragment nucleic acids but mechanical shearing remains the method of choice for achieving high sensitivity and unbiased results.

Mechanical shearing with Covaris technology is the gold standard for nucleic acid fragmentation prior to NGS library preparation. All major sequencing instrument providers recommend the use of Covaris technology to obtain the highest quality data.

Price: 20 euro + 2 euro/sample (VAT excluded)
           AFA Fiber Pre-Slit Snap-Cap 7 euro/tube

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