Exome and Genome Seq

Whole Exome Seq

The service includes:
– sample quantity and quality controls
– library preparation starting from gDNA samples
– library sequencing with NextSeq 500 or NovaSeq 6000 (Illumina)
– bioinformatics analysis: demultiplexing, alignment to a reference (BAM files) and variant calling (VCF files)

Prices starting from 390 euro/sample.

Whole Genome Seq

Whole Genome Services:
– Small Whole-Genome ReSequencing (for small genomes  ≤ 5 Mb such as genome of bacterium, virus, or other microbe)
– Large Whole-Genome ReSequencing (for large genomes > 5 Mb, such as human, plant, or animal genomes)
– De novo sequencing

To request a quotation or for any other requirement  please contact us at ngs.cribi@unipd.it