About NGS service

The CRIBI Genomics has been engaged in sequencing for more than 25 years.

With Sanger technology we took part in many international sequencing projects as Arabidopsis Genome Initiative, Yeast Genome Consortium, Telethon Muscle Project, Tomato Genome Project, Grape Genome Consortium and in 2008 we sequenced the complete genome of Photobacterium profundum, the first genome completely sequenced in Italy.

Subsequently, following the developments of the sequencing technology, we moved to the NGS
acquiring the SOLiD platform for the study of the genome and the transcriptome of Vitis vinifera
and Nannochloropsis gaditana. Then we upgraded to IonProton (LifeTechnologies) and NextSeq500 (Illumina). Our machines have been acquired in the context of research projects (Bioinfogen, Epigen, CARIPARO and IRCSS grants) and at the same time used for service.

We provide a wide range of NGS services with special prices for users of Padova University.