NGS Sequencing Service

NGS Sequencing Core is part of CRIBI Genomics Group headed by prof. Giorgio Valle and includes researchers with long and strong expertise in molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics. Our team provides several services starting from sample to data analysis, offering a wide range of solutions in the field of functional and structural genomics, epigenomics, metagenomics and applications in clinical diagnostics.

  1. Whole Exome
  2. Whole Genome
  3. RNA-Seq
  4. miRNA-Seq
  5. Custom Panel
  6. only Run
  7. Bioinformatics

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Illumina Nextseq 500
The NextSeq500 is a fast, flexible, high-throughput desktop sequencer. With these instrument, researchers can sequence a broad range of samples per run in 24 hours.

  • 1–16 exomes
  • 1–20 transcriptomes
  • 6–96 targeted panels


Life technologies Ion Proton
The Ion Proton is a platform suitable for sequencing small genome, miRNA or targeted genomic regions as whole exome and custom panels. Sequencing is very fast and raw data are available in few hours (3 hours per run).

  • 2–3 exomes
  • 2–3 transcriptomes
  • 8–10 miRNA or AmpliSeq RNA
  • 1–96 targeted panels

Covaris S2
While there are a variety of methods available to fragment nucleic acids, mechanical shearing remains the method of choice for achieving high sensitivity and unbiased results. Covaris S2 allows shearing DNA and RNA without GC bias or thermal damage.


Whole Genome

Kit TruSeq DNA PCR-free

Whole Human Exome


  • Ion AmpliSeq Exome (Life Technologies)
  • Truseq Rapid Exome (Illumina)
  • TruSeq Exome (Illumina)

Sample: gDNA (also FFPE)


Library preparation starting from gDNA samples (also FFPE). The guaranteed coverage is ​80X​. The bioinformatic Torrent Suite is used to generate Alignment BAM files, Coverage Analysis statistics and Variant Analysis VCF files. By default the Variant calling is performed using the “Germ Line-Low Stringency” algorithm. Write us if your data require a different algorithm.


Library preparation starting from mRNA samples ​ with the Ion ​ Total RNA-Seq Kit v2, sequencing with Ion Proton Sequencer and bioinformatic analysis.Two options are available:
40 millions per sample
25 millions per sample
Bioinformatics: alignment on a reference genome using the Torrent Suite software to generate alignment BAM files, count and normalization of reads mapping on each gene. Resulting table with gene expression values.


Library preparation starting from totalRNA or smallRNA-enriched totalRNA samples ​ with the Ion ​ Total RNA-Seq Kit v2​ , ​ sequencing with Ion Proton Sequencer and bioinformatic analysis. Total reads per samples ​ 8 millions. Bioinformatics: alignment on miRBase, count and normalization of reads mapping on each miRNA. Resulting table with values of each miRNA.

AmpliSeq RNA

Targeting of more then 20,000 transcripts (from RefSeq) from total RNA samples (also from FFPE) using the Ion AmpliSeq Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Kit.Library preparation starting from totalRNA samples with the Ion AmpliSeq​ Transcriptome
Human Gene Expression Kit, ​sequencing with Ion Proton Sequencer and bioinformatic analysis. Total mapped reads per samples 8​ million. Bioinformatics: alignment on the reference using the Torrent SuiteTM software to generate alignment .bam files, tables containing raw (*.bcmatrix.xls) and normalized (*.rpm.bcmatrix.xls) reads counts mapping on each gene.


  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Certified Service Providers for Life Technologies (see here).
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Transcriptome Certified Service Providers for Life Technologies
  • Ion Torrent Whole Transcriptome Certified Service Providers for Life Technologies