ScaMPI: a user friendly framework for genome assembly

ScaMPI scaffolding tool

ScaMPI Logo

We are proud to release the ScaMPI suite (Scaffolding with Mate Pair Information).

ScaMPI is a web based, and user friendly, framework to assist the scaffolding process, and even provide a module for automatic scaffolding.

A particularly useful feature is the Telomere identification module, that noticeably improve the quality of scaffolding.

ScaMPI is freely availabe at its dedicated website:, that features a set of screencasts and tutorials.



About Andrea Telatin

Visiting bioinformatician in the Bioinformatics team, on-contract professor of "Introduction to Bash for bioinformatics". During his PhD he developed a novel scaffolding suite (ScaMPI), that has been used to assemble the genome of N. gaditana. Current research interests span from epigenomic data analysis, genome assembly and finishing, metagenomics.
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