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Visiting bioinformatician in the Bioinformatics team, on-contract professor of "Introduction to Bash for bioinformatics". During his PhD he developed a novel scaffolding suite (ScaMPI), that has been used to assemble the genome of N. gaditana. Current research interests span from epigenomic data analysis, genome assembly and finishing, metagenomics.

PASS-BIS: A novel aligner for methylome studies

We recently published and released PASS-BIS, a modified version of the PASS aligner to enable fast and efficient bisulfite-treated reads mapping, both in color-space and in base-space. The article is online, and the PASS-BIS package is freely available for download.

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Nannochloropsis paper released

We are pleased to announce that our latest paper, Chromosome scale genome assembly and transcriptome profiling of Nannochloropsis gaditana in nitrogen depletion, has been published online in Molecular Plant.

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QueryOR is a web-based query platform that aggregates several functional annotation of variants and genes for giving valuable prioritization criteria to reduce the search space of analysis. The prioritization strategy consist in a ranking system that sorts results based on the … Continue reading

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ScaMPI: a user friendly framework for genome assembly

We are proud to release the ScaMPI suite (Scaffolding with Mate Pair Information). ScaMPI is a web based, and user friendly, framework to assist the scaffolding process, and even provide a module for automatic scaffolding.

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N. gaditana genome page

The Nannochloropsis gaditana genome project produced a high-quality genome draft, with chromosome scale scaffolds, and an interesting analysis of the transcriptome response to Nitrogen deprivation.

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